WWWW Google

What’s cool on the internet right now? Misspelling, that’s what. There are many examples, wwww google being one of them. What’s more amazing (than the fact that maybe we’re just a whole bunch of illiterates!) is the reality that the one I’ve used really is one of many, that and the way in which the search engines work.

Most people type something into google search, hit enter and the search engine returns a close match (usually) that’s good enough for the user. Now I don’t know whether you’re aware but any search engine is a whole lot more than what you can see on the surface. Let’s take good old google as the example, see below:

Ok so you can see that I’ve used the misspelling wwww google. What you can see is the user-interface, the front view of the search facility. What you can’t see is what’s behind it, which will look something like this:

The above is taken from the page source, and it's not the actual algorithm that powers the search results. If anything the algorithm would be too big (and complex) to display on a single screen capture.  For those that don’t know, an algorithm is the single most effective method of perform a calculation a specific end result. In other words (to most of us!) super-math!

This is one of the many reasons why I love the internet, how it works, what it does and what it can provide. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, or even where you are situated, so long as you’ve got an internet connection you can buy/find/learn/view a multitude of cool and useful stuff.

Interestingly, there’s a whole list of commonly misspelled words that, despite given the search engine a momentary problem, will still result in the best possible match for what it is you’re looking for:

  • www
  • wwwww google
  • ww google
  • world wide web wiz google (not a misspelling, more of a strange one!)
  • w google
  • ww google comwww
  • wwe google
  • ww google com
  • and so on

The above isn’t a definitive list, if it were I’d be compiling and writing for several days. However it’s an example of what regularly turns up when folks are searching for:

For those that need a little help once they’ve typed in wwww google or whatever else they’re searching the world wide web for, here’s an easy to follow mini-tutorial that shows you how to use the Google homepage – once you’ve found it!

Hopefully you'll be a bit more knowledgeable now, as well as realize that when you type a misspelled word into Google, you’re not alone and at least you’ll know that the search engine is designed to (still) work out/understand what it is you’re looking for.

As a long-time internet user, I’m as proficient as it gets when it comes to using the web as a source of information. However I am perfectly aware that just because we live in an age that’s supported by an array of awesome technology (both online and off), this doesn’t mean that we’re all completely comfortable with it.

So, the very next time that you do type wwww google or some other commonly misppeled search query, don’t worry. You’re in good company … my mom can’t even switch a computer on, and she’s far from lacking in the brains department.

Like many thousands (maybe millions!) of people around the world, she’s so far escaped the need (or desire, so she tells me!) to use the internet in any way, shape of form!