Google Polska

As ever, it’s always great when you can tailor your search engine according to your place of birth. A popular choice is Google Polska, the search engine’s dedicated Polish homepage. Based around Poland and the need for both national and overseas dwellers, it allows the user to keep up to date with what’s going on in their homeland.

Like a variety of other Google homepage alternatives, is seamlessly translated into Polish, as a means of creating a user-friendly search facility that’s firmly based in the Eastern European country. Although a large proportion of internet users stick with the original dot com option, the whole world doesn’t speak the same language and being able to access a service that’s available in your preferred language is a huge bonus for the end-user.

Since the inception of the world famous (both on and offline!) search engine, its creators have endeavored to deliver language/country specific options, and is but one of many that are now freely available. The interface is a replica of the standard version, with all the usual services presented in the same format, albeit in Polish.

The truly awesome aspect (though) is the fact that Google polska is based upon the users need to perform searches that are based on both the country of Poland and in the Polish language itself. I know that many people have no real idea of just how powerful and capable the search engine really is when it’s an English based query, and the fact that I can make Google my homepage in a wide variety of languages is nothing short of spectacular.

Thankfully Google Poland is one of the many that are currently available, which is great for Polish nationals all over the world.

Google Polska Blog

For those that wish to keep up with new events and happenings, there's the Google Polska blog, which has been developed as a means of keeping those that wish to  know fully informed. Again, even behind the scenes, Google recognize the need to deliver a multi-user approach and by doing so they're embracing the fact that the whole world doesn't consist of the continental US or any one of a variety of other English speaking countries.

By adding and remaining committed to this cross-cultural approach, the whole world really can enjoy all the benefits that come with being able to both choose and consequently use a powerful online search facility that's focus is right where they need it to be ... home!

I know that when I lived overseas for a while, my IP address was instanly recognized and Google was tailored according to where I was at the time (by default). Of course being able to simply switch off the foreign language option, I got to hook up (easily, one  simple click!) with my preferred dot com version. This is how Google polska works, and having been faced with the choice of being stuck with something you can't figure out, or something that is instantly recognizable (and comforting), I can well imagine why anyone from Poland will make that one click switch!