Is it me or is the internet filled with:

  • Illiterate people?
  • Stupid people?
  • People in a rush?

I ask because I’ve found yet another dumb misspelling, this time and if you look a little closer you’ll see that it’s a letter short. Just one, nothing too obvious but ... you know, it ain’t there.

Having mused on this recurring internet concern I’ve decided that the blame doesn’t rest with the typees, it rests with our weird obsession with text speak. Maybe (just maybe) our growth and development as a species has finally arrested. We’re gradually regressing back to being amoebas (from whence we came and all that).

Personally I’m of the opinion that much of the world is still filled with Neanderthals (you only have to switch on the news to see how many animals live among us) and for those guys, maybe text talk/speak (or whatever it’s called) is a step in the right direction. Evolutionary propulsion.

From my point of view, being able to grunt, scratch your ass and behave in a manner that will only result in a one way trip to a correction center is not the height of cool but, anyway, I guess they keep people in work.

It’s the bad spellers that bother me, the guys that are guilty of typing or worse – googler or googol (sighs). What the hell is up with you people? Have you been typing lyk dis 4 so long dat ur brainz r dun?

You know what I do whenever someone sends sends me something like this:

U out 2nite? ´Gonna b @ mine l8r, let me no, I cn w8 4 u, kk

I switch off. Me, not the ‘phone.

Maybe the overuse of the above crap is what’s causing the (sometimes) funny misspellings on the internet? Or maybe we really are a lazy/illiterate/stupid bunch of people? I know that (way back when … ) we never used lol, lmao, g2g et al. Back then we did something really curious, something that’s probably (now) viewed as old fashioned – we talked to each other.

Like … in person. Not over the interwebs, not via cell ‘phones, email and instant messenger. We met, we laughed, we said shut the f*ck up (imagine!) and we never used acronyms. We could see and touch each other (though touching wasn’t always advisable, my friend ended up pregnant through doing too much of this), and we enjoyed all that went with physical interaction. Less the too-much-touching part of course.

Those were the days. The days before the likes of and googler, not to mention a whole host of other barely legible search terms. And the really scary aspect? Google (usually) knows what you’re looking for.