This is a question I suspect a lot of people ask themselves - how do I make google my homepage?

The answer is - it depends - and it largely depends on which browser you are using. These are the steps you need to take in order to make gooogle your homepage for the most popular browsers available. Most people seem to prefer firefox nowadays, so we will start with that one.

Making google your homepage when using firefox 4

This is easy peasy. When you have google's search page showing in your browser window, left click the icon on the left hand side, and holding the left mouse button down - drag the icon to the "home" icon. A dialog box will open asking you, "Do you want this document to be your new home page?" - click "yes," and you are done.

How to make google your homepage in firefox 4

Firefox 4 also has the rather clever ability to run multiple home pages, which is explained - here.

How to make google your home page in Internet Explorer 9

The next most popular browser being Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 *spits" which requires you to be running Vista at least and is not quite as bad as the older versions is also pretty easy. Once again, while you have the google search page open in your browser, right click the "home" icon in the top right hand side of your browser and  choose "add or change h0mepage."

Then, a window will open and you will be asked, "Would you like to use the following as your home page?" Choose "Yes" and you are done.

How to make google your home page in Internet Explorer 9

How to make google your home page in Chrome:

Last, but not least is the latest browser from google - "Chrome." Click the wrench icon wrench icon on the top right hand side, choose, Options, then Basics, then add in the box provided.

Setting google as your home page using Chrome.

You can download these browsers here: