Emma Alvarez Gibson

Emma Alvarez Gibson’s multicultural, multiIingual, multipassionate approach to life informs all of her work, from creative strategy and branding to fiction, journalism, and web content. Her writing has been featured in print and online magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, and she has helmed both print and online publications.  

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Emma lives there still, with her husband, son, and two troublesome dogs. She yearns to be able to travel again, to enjoy a dirty martini with two olives that she hasn’t made herself, to attend live music events, and to hug everyone she doesn’t live with, repeatedly. Find out more at alvarezgibson.com.

CLay D. Major

Clay D. Major hasn’t a cool bone in his body. He has worn Mork from Ork suspenders to school, attended more Star Trek conventions that can be counted on an Earthling’s fingers, and will pitch an absolute fit if unable to see Denis Villeneuve’s forthcoming Dune in iMax because COVID. But he knows Cool when he sees it, and enjoys writing only slightly more than he loves to read. 

When not coolhunting for the Compendium, Clay is a solutions consultant for a Silicon Valley software company, enjoys traveling and barrel-proofed bourbon, and has been known to tread the occasional community theater’s boards. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with his girlfriend and—if the latter can be finally persuaded—a forthcoming medium-sized dog. 


With a background in art and a passion for project management, Katie’s as happy with a spreadsheet or a piece of code as she is writing copy or sourcing the perfect image. Her love of media and communication has led her to jobs in radio, magazines, and digital media, as well as guaranteeing that she’ll never quite reach the bottom of her stacks of music, movies,
and books.

Katie is entirely incapable of doing anything halfway, from the 13-course themed dinner parties she enjoys hosting to the elaborate three-tier cakes she will bake given the flimsiest of excuses. She holds a deep appreciation for olives and gin—sometimes even together; high-maintenance skincare routines; expansive, open-world video games; and just about anything science fiction or fantasy. Katie lives in Florida with her two daughters.